Oppo BDP-105(D) multiregion DIY kit - PRO

Regionfree modchip for Oppo BDP-105/BDP-105D

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DIY kit for the Oppo BDP-105/BDP-105D and BDP-105EU bluray players. 

This kit enables all-region playback of both DVD and Bluray. The DVD playback is automatically regionfree, and bluray region can be selected with the remote.

This kit is very easy to install, just remove the player’s top cover, add the pcb in extension to existing flat cable, add a few extra cables, and you are ready for regionfree playback. This kit does not replace the existing cables, so if the player needs service, you can easily remove the kit again to avoid warranty problems. 

-PRO version can be controlled over RS232 connection, for home theatres with RS232 control system. (Soldering of two wires needed)

-PRO version can be upgraded for extra upcoming features.

How to use the mod (older revisions of Oppo firmware):

  • By default, your bluray player is now region free for DVD. To set the bluray region to A, B or C, please press “1”, “2” or “3” on the remote when the player is in standby. The player will automatically power on, when “1”, “2” or “3” is pressed. The selected region will be stored and remembered, even when removing the mains supply from the player.
  • To disable the automatic power on, press the blue button on the remote once.
  • To enable automatic power on again, press the yellow button once.

How to use the mod (for all revisions of Oppo firmware):

Wait for the Home Menu, (if powered up from standby.)

Please remove the disc, if any, and close the tray again.

Now press the setup button to access the setup menu. In the setup menu, press:

 X (CLEAR) – X (CLEAR) – Region (1, 2 or 3)

When these keys are pressed, the player will power off in about 1-2 seconds. The region will have changed, once the player is powered up again.



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